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about olivia


I grew up in Paris where Fashion and style is taken for granted, from the clothes displayed in chic boutiques, to the artfully displayed patisseries. Projecting the right image and the importance of appearances in the work place and socially is something the French take very seriously.

My next move was London. There, I completed a degree in French and English literature at King's University College. As a student I worked weekends in a trendy boutique where I learned very quickly that an expensive price tag is not necessarily synonymous with quality. To this day I will always draw the line when shopping with clients if I deem an item to be unnecessarily over-priced. I can find gems tucked away in cheaper boutiques, including vintage shops, but equally fall in love with designer wear should these items be worth it and within your budget. I also learnt how important it is to get to know your clients as individuals before you can begin to style them. After graduating, unsurprisingly maybe, I decided to open my own exclusive boutique for which I sourced items from the Paris and Milan shows.

Within a few seasons I had attracted a varied clientele, who felt they were getting unusual items, personal attention and a professional appraisal of what suited them best.

In 2000, I launched a styling and image consultancy in London aimed at private and corporate clients. In 2003, I relocated to Cape Town with my family, where my consultancy is now based. Additionally I also travel for private and corporate clients based outside of Cape Town as well as overseas. Do not hesitate to contact me should you live outside Cape Town To find out more about some of the clients I have worked with, I invite you to click on the testimonials page.


"My husband bought me a gift voucher. He now feels that I dress in a much more feminine way and he is very pleased with my new sexy and feminine look!" - Kate