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Fashion Stylist, Olivia answers some common questions:

I am invited to a smart venue where I shall be meeting VIPs. What should I wear?
Very often these invitations come with a dress code, but the worst mistake one can make is to go to these functions overdressed. Keep your look simple and, above all, you have to be at ease and feel comfortable. Do not wear new shoes that will kill you. Keep your hair, nails and make-up immaculate.

My wardrobe only seems to consist of work clothes, but I need something quickly for a special occasion.
You cannot go wrong with a pretty shift dress, worn with sexy sling backs.

I have a beer belly and would like to make it less obvious. Do you have any advice?
Tucking in your shirt will emphasise your belly, so try layering your clothes and don't tuck in your shirt.

I love wearing jeans, but the ones I have are unflattering.
Unfortunately, you need to try on as many different makes as possible to find the one that will flatter your figure - and they needn’t be expensive.

I want to hide rolls above my waist. What can I wear?
The secret here is to find a fabric that is gathered around the waist, so you can’t tell if it’s the fabric or the flab!

I can’t afford a new outfit, but can afford to buy something. What should it be?
A new pair of shoes can transform any outfit and make you feel instantly sexy. Jazz up that little black dress with beautifully bright killer heels.

I am a man with not much neck to speak of, but too many chins! How can I hide this?
Avoid clothes which are close too your face such as crew neck collars or tight shirts. Instead, layer clothes with an open shirt worn over a T-shirt.

I am in my early 40s, have good legs and still like my mini skirts. Should I opt for a more conservative look?
You have to draw the line between looking sexy and looking like mutton dressed as lamb! You can still show off your legs but bring those hemlines down –mid-knee or longer. Something as simple as a fitted pencil skirt will still show off your legs.

I hate dresses and skirts but still need an evening look. How can I still look feminine?
Palazzo trousers come in various fabrics. Viscose is ideal as it doesn’t crease, or a heavy silk for a more dressy look. They elongate any figure and can be worn with a variety of tops.

I love clothes but I am on a very small budget. Where should I shop?
You don’t need designer labels to achieve a nice wardrobe; an expensive price tag is not always synonymous with quality. Vintage clothing and accessories can do wonders within a small budget. You also won’t see it worn by your neighbour as you would with high street clothing!

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"My husband bought me a gift voucher. He now feels that I dress in a much more feminine way and he is very pleased with my new sexy and feminine look!" - Kate