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Personal shopping is the next step to a wardrobe and style review. These are half day sessions depending on your needs, which are designed to show you how to shop, what shapes and fabrics to look out for, demonstrated with you trying on various outfits. I will take photos as we go along, so as to show you how you come across, and how others will see you. Mirrors only show you how you look and what you want to see.

You will learn tips, what shapes to look out for, get new ideas, try outfits that you may have not previously considered. I will guide you as to what is good value for money, must have items, or simply not worth it. I will always listen to your body language and will never push you into buying anything you are not 100% happy with.

These sessions will take all the stress out of shopping, and ensure that you are left with the knowledge to shop successfully on your own with your newly acquired awareness of what really suits you.

Price: These sessions are based on a half day (4 hours) at R4500. Additional hours are charged at R900 per hour.


"The whole shopping experience is now something I look forward to instead of dreading it." - Kerry-Ann