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This appointment is usually a 3 hour consultation-depending on the size of your wardrobe and will take place in your home.

In the first part of your consultation we will look at your lifestyle personality and your requirements. Factors such as age, size, shape, skin tone, hair colour, likes and dislikes, self-image, budget, shopping habits, social engagements, travelling, children, work environment, are discussed and assessed.

The second part of your consultation is where the real fun begins. The contents of your wardrobe will be thoroughly analysed to see where you are at in terms of fashion, teaching you what suits you and of course what doesn’t and why. We will look at possible new ways to team existing outfits, look at items that could be altered to give them a new lease of life & draw up a list of items which are needed. The aim is to be left with a smaller, low maintenance uncluttered wardrobe for an effortless look on a daily basis. Arriving at an ideal wardrobe is a process that is not instantaneous but is achieved over a period of time allowing the client to gain and develop that new found confidence.

Advice on hairstyle, make up and eyewear is included.

Pricing: Style review and wardrobe makeover
From: R3700 for a 3 hr consultation on a medium size wardrobe.
Additional hours if required R900 per hour.
These prices exclude all travelling expenses outside of Cape Town.
For pricing on walk in wardrobes and any questions you may have, please email olivia@stylemanagement.co.za or contact me on +27 724118079.
You are welcome to email me a picture of your wardrobe for a size estimation.


"The whole shopping experience is now something I look forward to instead of dreading it." - Kerry-Ann