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As a company, your staff personify and represent your corporate brand and image in their deportment, so it is increasingly vital they look and present themselves in an impeccable and faultless manner. The corporate services that I offer assist teams in projecting the required and expected polished image which is aligned to the company's brand and ethic. It is also an image that befits and is unique to each individual and is tailored to personality and physique.

I offer several packages which have been devised to cover specific presentation issues.

One on one 60 minute sessions
These sessions are devised for the employees who need to maximise their potential but lack the time- They can take place during your lunch hour - in house - so as not to impact on your busy day- You will receive a thorough assessment of your current style and image, and obtain practical information and solutions to optimise your professional look and image. (Please note a minimum of 4 employees is required )

"Stepping-up" Package
This is a package designed to Support Management Transition Working with mentors, coaches and/or individuals on the delicate matters of dress, hygiene, etc. and the nuances of the "front facing" side of management. Helping newly promoted managers look the part and represent the company well. (Can include lessons in public speaking / presentation skills)

"Signed, Suited and Sorted" Package
This is my personal style and shopping consultancy package devised to help you understand your own style, and know how and where to select your individual signature look. A more intensive and personalised approach for middle and top management in need of an in-depth style assessment .

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"Thank you for the individual consultations for team members at Capitec Bank. They found the sessions very valuable and it will assist them to align their professional image to their role. After the implementation of the input, the changes are noticeable. They are very excited to continue with this journey! "
- Liana Justus (Human Resources)